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I’ve used different versions of Windows, different Linux distros over the years. For the last couple of years, my main operating system was Windows 7 on my notebook, which I loved, and I would use a Mac for iOS development.

Not a long time ago, I decided I would not get a full time job in a big corporate company again. I started working as a freelancer while also working on my own projects. Having to do a lot of iOS programming, I thought I would switch to a Macbook Pro for all my development and personal use. And got one.

I should have switched long time ago. It was weird at first, but I feel like I belong here now. I decided I would compile a list of tools I use, to help new users.

Let’s start;

Simple, free, addictive tool. It indexes your apps, helps you do web searches with simple shortcuts on your keyboard. You can also purchase the powerpack, for additional features but the free version still offers a lot.

It’s basically a popup when you select some text with Cut,Copy, Paste and search options by default. I got this app just because a friend of mine suggested it, didn’t get used to it at first. Then it gets addictive. It has plug-in support for many additional features.

Unfortunately, OS X doesn’t provide a lot of options for power saving. This little app helps you choose when your Mac will go to sleep. It’s a must-have for all Mac Users.

This one is another must-have. On their website it says “Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t.” It makes it easy to install and update a lot of useful tools.

Visual Git and Mercurial client that is super easy to use.

Scroll Reverser
Okay, I love my Macbook, but I hate Apple’s mice. I use a Razer Deathadder which is great for games and Photoshop-like apps. I love the touchpad on my Macbook too. Scrolling on the touchpad using two fingers the swiping direction is opposite to what you would have on a Windows notebook. But it feels right, it feels like scrolling on an iPad. However, reverse scroll direction on a regular mouse does not feel right at all. This is where this little app comes in. You get to have different scrolling directions on your touchpad and your mouse.

I am not a graphic designer, however I still have to do a lot of graphic editing. On Windows, I would use Paint.NET, which is amazing by the way. When I switched to Macs, I tried using Pinta, which is like a Mono port for Paint.NET but couldn’t get used to it. I read some reviews about Pixelmator and decided to buy it. It offers way more features than I would ever need for a fraction of Photoshop’s price.

Besides these, I have lots of other tools/apps installed, like  Evernote, SublimeText 2, CCleaner, which you probably already heard a lot of, so I will not be reviewing those.

Anything else you find useful? Please leave a comment.

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